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if you do not have a NJ license, please enter NA

By accepting this Application for Membership, the applicant hereby agrees to abide by ANJC charter membership, policies, and by-laws, and also certifies that the information  provided is accurate and that the applicant: i.) is licensed to practice Chiropractic in the State of New Jersey; ii) his or her license to practice chiropractic is not presently inactive, suspended or revoked; iii) is not in default of any dues owed to the ANJC; iv) is not in violation of any of the provisions of the ANJC By-Laws, Articles of Incorporation and/or Policy; and v) has never pleaded guilty, entered a plea of nolo contendre, or has been found guilty by a judge or jury of a felony.  The applicant acknowledges and agrees to notify ANJC Headquarters within ten (10) days if any of the above information changes.  If any of the information provided by the Applicant is inaccurate, the Applicant agrees and understands that the ANJC has the right to revoke Applicant’s membership pursuant to Article II, Section 2.2 of the ANJC By-Laws.  A copy of the ANJC Bylaws and Policies is available for review upon prior notice at ANJC Headquarters.

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