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Chad D. Warshel, DC, MS, DACBR

Dr. Warshel has been with NYCC since 2008, coming from private practice in central California.  After completing chiropractic college, he completed a 3-year residency in Diagnostic Imaging at Western States Chiropractic College (now UWS), and passed the rigorous credentialling exam giving him the designation of DACBR. After 7 years of a combined clinical and radiology practice in central California, Dr. Warshel wanted to transition into chiropractic education and found a home at NYCC.  His primary teaching roles center around diagnostic imaging, teaching the chiropractic students how to interpret radiographs, clinical radiology duties for the NYCC clinics, and interpreting images for doctors in the field through the NYCC Diagnostic Imaging practice.   In addition, he is the Director of NYCC's Master in Diagnostic Imaging residency program, helping to educate the next generation of chiropractic radiologists.