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Dr. Luke Nelson

After graduating from RMIT in 2003, Dr. Nelson has worked in private practice for 16 years and recently founded Health & High Performance in Mont Albert North, Melbourne, Australia. His vision is to provide high-quality healthcare to help keep active individuals and athletes doing what they love! Luke's special interest is treating sporting injuries and in particular running injuries (knee pain, ITB, Achilles pain, plantar heel pain). In 2016, he was awarded the Australian Chiropractic Association's "Sports Chiropractor of the year" for his contributions to the field of Sports Chiropractic and in 2019  was awarded his Fellowship in Sports and Exercise Chiropractor by AICE. Dr. Nelson has presented widely across Australia & Internationally, on various sporting injury related topics, and was recently involved in organizing the Online Physiotherapy Symposium Running edition which saw over 8,000 registrants globally (which was a record-breaking achievement in Allied Health at the time).