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Dr. Ryan Ball

Dr. Ryan Ball provides holistic, natural healthcare to the people of the Midwest United States and beyond.

Ever since conquering an autoimmune disease that caused him to go blind in his right eye (uveitis), Dr. Ball has pursued a career in finding the cause(s) of chronic conditions in sick people. He advocates the use of lifestyle, diet, nutraceuticals, stress management, hormone assessment, analysis of chronic infections (Lyme, mold, parasites), detoxification, and sleep hygiene to achieve rehabilitation of the different systems of the body. He calls this approach ‘targeted neurochemistry’ and ‘clinical nutrition’. All of these different parts of health affect how the brain and body function. If you are sick in one area of the body then you are sick everywhere. The goal is to identify where the cause is, to get rid of the cause, and then allow the body to heal, thrive, and prosperOnce the systems are rehabilitated, the patient should be able to live their life without the problem coming back and without having to come back to the clinic to maintain the results. In other words, the body should be able to maintain its own results without continuing the therapy. 

Dr. Ball is a published research author and his work includes a paper on Anosmia (inability to smell) in a patient who also had headaches and vertigo.